Pool Tables

Pool Tables

There are several different categories of pool table – “Carom”, “UK” and “American”.

You can also play a game of “pool” using “spots & stripes” or “league” pool balls on a conventional billiard table.  Pool is a quicker, more dynamic game than snooker or billiards appealing to a traditionally younger generation of players.   Pool Table covers a myriad of styles, cloth colours and designs.  Hubble Sports have spent many years acquiring the expertise to offer a huge variety of pool table options and if we don’t offer the pool table you are searching for we can make it for you.

We also have a huge range of secondhand pool tables, antique pool tables and ex-pub pool tables.  Our range starts at £400 and can cost up to £25,000 depending on your taste and budget!

We have recently been commissioned to manufacture an eleven foot long by three foot wide pool table with eight pockets.  This unusual specification was to fit a narrow dining room where the client wanted a pool table that converted to a dining table which we refer to as a “Pool Diner” on which after a good dinner he wanted to play “Slosh” or “Freda” as some people may know it.  Being a man of particular taste we set brass shotgun cartridge ends in the cushions in place of the traditional angle markers.

Nothing is far too much trouble and our company ethos is the answer is “Yes” (as long as it’s legal) – now what is the question?

Established since 1910 you know you know that you can count on us.

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Pool Table Repairs + Restoration

We offer a full pool table repair and pool table restoration service. Mr Peter Ludgate can repair or restore your pool table and fully re-cloth your table.