Snooker Tables

Looking for Snooker Tables ?  You won’t find a better snooker table service…

We have a large stock of antique snooker tables but if you don’t want an antique snooker table we can manufacture a bespoke snooker table to your exact requirements.

We can supply spray finishes, wrapped and textured, gilded and specialist glitter finishes.

Below are some real life examples of snooker tables that we have supplied.  If you are looking for any type of snooker table including snooker table diners, full size snooker tables, 8ft snooker tables, snooker dining tables then please call us now.

Established since 1910 you know you know that you can count on us.  Give us a call to discuss your snooker table project.

We also sell snooker diners, pool diners, bar billiard tables, table tennis tables and billiard tables as well as our snooker tables.

Hubble Sports are proud of our history of over 100 years as a family, working in the Billiard Snooker Pool and Bar Billiard table Business. Started by Jack Hubble in 1910 the trade has ebbed and flowed since but we have been busy consistently either delivering or removing and relocating tables depending on the fashion of the day. The tables haven’t changed much at all in all that time, they are still delightful pieces of furniture either functional or decorative pieces of art.

We specialise in the design and manufacture of new tables or the restoration and refurbishment of older tables . We also regularly collect and relocate customers pool tables, Snooker tables, Bar Billiard and Bagatelle tables.

We have many years of experience in all aspects of Games tables with the current owner being personally involved for over 50 years. There are so many fabulous tables still in existence dating back in our experience to 1790 with the Gillows wood bedded table. Originally tables were derived from Louis XIV who, being a passionate Croquet player, wanted a winter version of Croquet.  Someone came up with the idea of making a table game. We have sold a table in the distant past with hoops, a finishing post and one pocket.  It had a green cloth to emulate the grass of the lawn.  Thats why its green although now we offer a myriad of colours to enhance the experience however most people still opt for the traditional Green cloth.

Over the years we have had requests from all over the world and our installs have taken place in such far away locations as the British Virgin Islands, Thank you Sir Richard Branson, who is the proud owner of six of our tables on his two islands.  We have installed tables in India, where all the finest tables can be seen, we have had the pleasure of playing on the Burroughes and Watts table in the OOty club in Octamunde where the game of Snooker originated, we have advised HM the Queens household on the restoration of the very lovely and unique table by George Magnas located in Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.  We have installed tables in Alpine Eyries for eccentics we have installed them all over America and Europe.

The underlying theme is we supply beautiful Snooker Tables to appreciative clients who live all over the place.  It’s not a bad gig and always gives everyone a lot of pleasure.

Click on each snooker table image below and flick through them (touch images on iPad or click arrow (computers))…


Snooker Table Repairs + Restoration

We offer a full snooker table repair and snooker table restoration service. Mr Peter Ludgate can repair or restore your snooker or billiard table and fully re-cloth your table.

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