Sir Richard Branson Tables on Necker Island

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Snooker Tables / Pool Tables / Bar Billiard Table installations on Sir Richard Branson’s Necker Island

Our intention is to supply a table you will be proud of at a price you will be delighted with, on time and with no fuss.

I am third generation with over 40 years of experience and am able to supply any style or design of snooker table, billiard table, pool table or bar billiard table.

Peter Ludgate - CALL 07711 732677

Sir Richard Branson & Mr. Peter Ludgate of Hubble Sports

Sir Richard Branson shaking hands with Peter after the snooker table restoration (prior to the great fire in 2011)

We have made tables for Sir Richard Branson, David Suchet and the Gallo Family in Nappa Valley. We can make, pack and export tables to any destination from No Mans Land, the Napoleonic fort in Portsmouth Sound to Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.

Sir Richard Branson and Mr Peter Ludgate of Hubble Sports with the original Snooker Table at Necker Island before the great fire in 2011
Necker Island during the great fire of 2011

The Great house on fire in 2011 at Necker Island

The great house was hit by lightning in 2011 and was totally destroyed Thankfully with no loss of life as Kate Winslet and Richard’s Mother were lucky to escape unscathed.

Table remains

Necker Island’s snooker table after the fire in 2011. This is all that remains of the beautiful full size snooker table…

Snooker Table remains at Necker Island after the great fire of 2011
Snooker Table unpacked, erected and ready for use at Necker Island

Finished and covered

Thank goodness. Tough install but everyone very good humoured and helpful and tolerant of each other’s needs.

Gold Leaf Conch Shells

Gold Leaf Conch Shells


The Great House at Necker Island during the rebuild

The new great house at Necker Island with state of the art lightning conductors finished in time for the grand opening.

Great House at Necker Island during rebuild
Peter Ludgate & Lima at Necker Island

The Temple

This is one of the stunning locations where Sir Richard has a pool table for his guests.

Peter with Lemur!

Peter Ludgate in his ring tailed Lemur camouflage! makes friends with one of Necker’s residents.

Peter Ludgate & Lima at Necker Island